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In the spirit of Desert Bus for Hope and its creator, LoadingReadyRun, it's a meta game for Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam! (Meta humor may have been left on the cutting room floor due to time.) Take part in a local game jam and try to create the game of your dreams in 72 hours! Don't be afraid to ask for help, and never be afraid to hit the break room.


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mowdownjoe-gamejamsim-windows-v2.zip 17 MB
mowdownjoe-gamejamsim-linux-v2.zip 36 MB


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How do you play im so lost


Hey, I think the method your start button is calling is missing out on a scene transition, I can't seem to escape the main menu.

It is a lovely main menu, though.


Sorry! Was in a rush to get ready for Thanksgiving and get this in under the deadline at the same time. Glossed over a bit in my last minute check for bugs. New build up now that fixes this.